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Efficient and Effective Software with SDLC Automation

Software Development Life Cycle Services at Native Security LLC includes multiple frameworks across the stages of software development. We have dedicated developers to ensure efficiency, security, and accelerated time-to-market. Our SDLC Automation for cybersecurity involves a comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance risk management and improve processes of software design, development, testing, and deployment.

We help you to experience rapid changes, improved productivity, and repeatable configurations with SDLC analysis. Our focus is on minimizing project risks through forward planning, increasing visibility of the development process, and enhancing risk management and cost estimation.

Service Inclusions

Native Security LLC provides a range of SDLC models such as Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, and Agile.

Requirement Gathering

We collect client’s software requirement, hear patiently, and provide team of experts to create a software requirement specification document. Our experts set expectations, and define common goals that helps in project planning.


Our planning phase involves comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, scheduling, resource estimation, and allocation to ensure a well-structured project plan.

Software Designing

The dedicated team analyses requirements and identifies the best solutions to create the software. Pre-existing modules, make technology choices, identify development tools, find ways to best integrate new software into existing IT infrastructure.

Software Implementation

During the implementation stage, our development team codes the software required by the clients after analyzing the requirements to identify smaller coding tasks to daily achieve the final results.

SDLC Testing

Our development team combines automation and manual testing to check the software for bugs. We have Quality Analysists to test designed software for errors and check if it meets our client’s requirements. We run testing and development phase parallel.

Software Deployment

We include different phases in software deployment to move the latest build copy to the production environment. Different steps are packaging, environment configuration, and installation.

Configuration and SDLC Maintenance

The maintenance phase includes fixing bugs, resolving customer issues, managing software changes. We also monitor overall system performance, secure coding practices, and user experience to identify improvement areas in the software.