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Auditing and Assurance Services: Unveiling Confidence in Tribal Success

Native Security LLC extends commitment to securing tribal businesses beyond cybersecurity and IT services. We offer in-depth examination of internal controls with our native security audit services to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies.

Our experienced auditors provide open and honest communication with a keen understanding of the industry standards to establish a foundation for Tribal Nation’s success.

Our Range of Native American Auditing and Assurance Services

Native Security LLC provides comprehensive auditing services to tribal organizations in the US.

Financial Statement Audit Services

Native Security LLC commits to deliver financial transparency with our financial statement audit services. We thoroughly examine our client’s account balances, inventory, and transactions to verify their accurate representation. We aim to instill the highest level of confidence in external sources regarding your financial statements, and empower tribal entity in the eyes of stakeholders.

Internal Audit

We assess compliance with laws, regulations, and policies, optimizing financial reporting, workflows, and efficiencies. Our team identifies business process improvement and best practice opportunities. We help tribal clients to bypass potential troubles and deploy cost-saving strategies.

Compliance and Single Audit

Our experts help tribal organizations succeed by applying single audit control and compliance requirements. We provide an enhanced working knowledge of the critical challenges in single auditing, planning and performing tests of compliance, and identifying/reporting control and compliance findings. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of compliance, and ensure a smooth path to success.

Performance Audit

We help tribal people to access the full potential of their businesses with our Independent and objective Performance Audit services. We provide detailed reports on economy, efficiency, and effectiveness by assessing their business operations. Our insights help in planning business profitability by identifying and mitigating hurdles. We enable our clients to make informed decisions for sustained success.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Our audit professionals help to handle the complexities of Employee Benefit Plans with confidence. We specialize in offering objective and unbiased audits for single, multiple, and multi-employer benefit plans. Whether it's defined benefit or defined contribution plans like 401(K) and 403(B), we ensure a thorough examination, adding value to the process.

Forensic Audit Services

Native Security LLC is a trusted partner for forensic audit services in the time of uncertainties. We help identify signs of fraud or embezzlement, minimizing damage and aiding in recovery. Our expertise in examining financial records for evidence ensures a holistic defense in legal proceedings. We cover areas such as misappropriation of assets, cash embezzlement, and financial statement fraud. Join us for a future where your financial journey can align with tribal values.