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Native Security LLC to Ensure Tribal Cybersecurity

Native Security LLC is a native-owned firm specializing in tribal cybersecurity, information technology, software development, management, and governance services. With multiple years of dedicated services to the industry, we assist our tribal clients by developing innovative and sustainable strategies for protecting businesses from cyber threats and evolving IT concerns.

Native Security LLC attributes its success to an in-house talent pool dedicated to continuous improvement through skills enhancement and motivation. We acknowledge the importance of trending technology adoption and ensure tribal cybersecurity for our clients. Our experts focus on addressing the complexities of ethnic groups by focusing on cybersecurity services for tribal organizations.

Our commitment aims to support economic development while protecting tribal data and the sovereignty of our clients. We understand and respect the unique perspectives of Native tribal communities to provide innovative cybersecurity strategies and compliance for tribal businesses.

Serving Tribes with Dedication and Passion

Tribal Cybersecurity

Tribal organizations have historically been underrepresented in accessing federal funds for security, leaving their business operations at risk. Native Security LLC partners with tribal bodies to protect their systems, networks, and digital information from cyber threats. We provide efficient solutions for phishing, ransomware, data theft, or unauthorized access.

Infrastructure Support

Native Security LLC offers customized IT roadmaps that integrate into the client's business model. We deliver a holistic computer infrastructure designed for the client's unique business model.

Our professionals do not stop at installing the infrastructure but also provide ongoing consultation to ensure smooth integration of technology to meet your and your workforce's needs. Infrastructure support services include maintaining the service potential, incident management, asset management, developing an ecosystem for server operating systems, and more.

SDLC Automation

Native Security LLC streamlines your software development process by automating the procedure with stages such as testing, deployment, monitoring, mitigating risks, enhancing development cycles, and achieving faster software development.

Mobile Collaboration

We have professionals to help you analyze your tools and methods of collaboration currently in use. Our team assists your workforce to understand the nature of work and devices in use and find methods for improvement for them. We deliver various mobile collaboration services such as file sharing and synchronization, task and project management, iOS development, android development, SDLC mobile applications, business intelligence apps, and related services.

Management and Governance

We transform Native American businesses by delivering fast, innovative, and cost-saving management and governance guidance. Our dedicated and experienced managers help clients manage their assets efficiently and detect and eliminate loopholes in their internal systems.

Our management and governance services encompass workforce training, budget and status monitoring and reporting, resource management, and collaborative decision-making.


We have expert accounting professionals with years of experience in the tribal industry to provide transparent and accountable accounting guidance. Our knowledgeable CPAs provide exceptional financial services and help tribal clients to be at the forefront.

The comprehensive accounting services at Native Security LLC include AR and AP Management, General Ledger Reconstruction, Accounting Software Implementation, Payroll Processing, Financial Reporting, and other accounting services.


Our Transformation Techniques for Tribal Native Security

We believe in continuously improving our organizational processes, systems, and professionals to drive efficiency in serving the tribal organizations.

Our dedicated experts understand the uniqueness of tribal needs, so they provide customized tribal cybersecurity services aligning with the client's business goals.

We ensure compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, and standards while delivering the best solutions to help our clients maintain ethical business practices

Native Security encompasses experts with profound knowledge and enthusiasm to help Native Americans achieve their business goals efficiently.

We stay updated with the latest industry updates and are adept at upgraded software versions to provide the newest technological solutions to our tribal clients.