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Preserving History, Protecting Tribes

With the historical hesitancy rooted in uncertainties around native data sovereignty, tribal people are now recognizing the importance of securing their data and cyberinfrastructure. Despite a rise in cyber threats, a lack of understanding and trust impedes tribal CPA firms’ journey towards cyber resilience.

Native Security LLC provides cybersecurity solutions for business organizations that are essential to safeguard tribal operations, data, and, most importantly, their unique cultural assets.

Our Comprehensive Native American Cybersecurity Services

Native Security LLC provides a range of Native American cyber security services to secure indigenous communities from prominent cyberattacks.

Threat Detection and Response

The Native IT cybersecurity experts at Native Security LLC back your organization by providing a nonstop cyber-secure environment with next-generation anti-virus and firewall tools. We have Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions to protect businesses from cyber threats with alert monitoring, prioritization, investigation, analysis, and response.

Cloud Security

We deliver robust cloud security to our clients by managing their data storage, data servers, and computer virtualization frameworks. We offer hardware and remote connectivity frameworks to our clients.

Our cloud security services include data segmentation, user access control, access management, data retention, and careful scaling of cloud systems.

Cyber Strategy and Resilience

Our cyber strategy and resilience plans enable tribal businesses to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber threats. We have experts working constantly to adapt to known and unknown cyber crises, and challenges.

Penetration Testing

We analyze our client’s capabilities, techniques, tools, and strategies and document their digital assets at risk. Our cybersecurity experts determine risk and valuation by putting potential attacker’s shoes. Our penetration testing services include external networks, internal networks, web applications, wireless penetration, and social engineering penetration testing services.

Vulnerability Management Services

We have dedicated tribal cybersecurity experts to identify, assess, report on, and manage vulnerabilities for clients. Our vulnerability management services include patch management and IT asset management (ITAM). We deliver prioritized remediation plans for our clients.

Cybersecurity Consultation

We partner with our client’s management to provide them with security policies and practices that align best with their business objectives to advance their operational goals. Native American Cybersecurity consultation services include advisory support, vendor assessment, policy & technical implementation, cybersecurity risk assessment, vulnerability management, and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC, PCI, GDPR, etc.